3 Quick Fix Gluten Free Recipes

gluten free quick meals

You can now prepare great tasting gluten free quick meals in less time than ever before! Each menu has a unique quick-prep method to assist you get it on the table in one go. The included “gluten free” seasoning along with easy to use cooking methods make it possible to have food on the table in under 20 minutes. And the included “gluten free” baking guide makes it easy to put your new found baking skills to work.

Start this recipe with the base ingredients so that you have a successful outcome. Cook the shrimp in salmonella-safe oil. You can also cook the shrimp with olive oil if you want to avoid the possibly harmful salmonella. I would suggest doing both if you are a person that has sensitive digestive systems.

Next, drain your shrimp and cut them in half. Use an at home blender or processor to puree the shrimp until it is blended. Then, add the shredded cheese and onion mills grits (or cashew nuts) to the blended shrimp. Stir thoroughly.

Preparing Two Quick Meals

If you would like to try something with a little more flavor, then try adding a layer of fresh grated parmesan cheese to your Italian sausage and shrimp. You will then heat up the mixture. When it is done, serve with a fresh cup of sour cream or your favorite gluten-free pasta. Now, for the best results when preparing these two quick meals, be sure that your stove is on the heat and that the pan is hot enough to touch. If not, you will cook the ingredients too much and will have mushy pasta.

For the final recipe for the Gluten-Free Quick Meal of the Day, I am going to recommend two items. The first one is a shrimp mixture 1 tablespoon of grits to one-fourth cup of water or milk. You will also want to add a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, and some fresh basil. All of these items should be heated in a skillet on low until they are just starting to steam. At this point, you can also add your hot sauce, but again be sure that it is on low.

After your ingredients are ready, just add your cooked shrimp and cooked grits and mix thoroughly. Then, use a rubber spatula to turn the pasta and coat it with the sauce. Continue on with your pasta, passing over each piece as you go. When all of the pasta is coated, place it in the last remaining pot of boiling water. Cover and let it simmer for thirty minutes, or until the pasta is al dente.

Spaghetti Squash

A close up of a plate of food

For the second recipe for the Gluten-Free Quick Meal of the Day, I am going to recommend spaghetti squash. This is a squash that has been cut into rounds. You will want to add about two cups of chopped squash and one tablespoon of tomato sauce. Just continue to stir and cover until the squash is done.

These two recipes are the perfect starting point for gluten free meals, because for the first meal, you do not have to worry about any ingredients. In the next one, you can add anything that you like. It is easy to stick with gluten free if you start with simple, flavorful foods. You will have no trouble keeping your diet free of ingredients that are difficult to digest, and that can cause serious illnesses.

To kick off your gluten free quick meals, you may want to consider a nice crock pot meal for dinner. This is just a large pot that is placed on the stove with a lid. When it is hot enough to cook food, then you place all of your ingredients in the pot, set the timer, and you are all set for dinner.

Making Sauce At Home

Another wonderful gluten free quick fix is a sauce that you can make at home. Many people have trouble eating gluten free foods that contain sauce, mainly garlic based sauces. If you have a food processor or a food chopper, then this will be an easy fix for you. Simply use your favorite sauce, mince some garlic and combine with your favorite vegetables. You are sure to love this delicious dinner.

Final Verdict

These three quick fix recipes give you a variety to enjoy when you are stuck in the kitchen. Gluten free quick meals are definitely a must for those suffering from gluten allergies. Make sure that you check out the variety of options that are available for gluten free diet foods. There are many ways that you can eat healthy while also sticking to a gluten-free diet.

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