Gluten Free Vegan Meals Is Easy To Find

gluten free vegan meals

When I first started eating gluten free, or at least going more vegan, it was hard to come up with good ideas for food. Many of us who have been on the fence about being or getting to become vegan are used to preparing pasta dishes, bread and pizza. While these are all familiar foods that we’ve grown accustomed to, creating your own kind of meals is something new and somewhat intimidating.

Grocery Store

Vegan Meals

One way to get around this trouble is to get the ingredients for your pasta dishes from another place besides a grocery store. Gluten free pasta is easier than you think to come by. There are a lot of websites and cookbooks dedicated to providing recipes for people who want to be able to cook pasta without having to worry about gluten. Once you find a cookbook or website, you’ll want to pick one that has a variety of recipes for you to try. I recommend starting out by making a few different pastas just to see how you like them. This will give you a good idea as to what you can do and make in a variety of recipes without using gluten.

Pasta Dish

Vegan Meals

You can start off with most any pasta dish. There is literally an endless variety of them that you can make. My personal favorite is tomato sauce with a layer of fresh basil leaves on top. I add nutritional yeast and salt to make it thicker and add a little bit of colour to it. This is one of the easiest of all my vegan gluten free pasta recipes.

Another popular way to make your own vegan pasta is by using tortilla chips. These chips are gluten free and come in many flavors such as black bean, cashew, caramel, maple and more. Using these chips makes a delicious base for your vegetarian or vegan pasta dishes. Another way to use tortilla chips for your vegan recipe is to make vegan “chicken” nuggets, which are very easy to make at home.

Vegetable Soups

A few other popular dishes include: rice pilaf, rice or risotto, vegetable soups, bean dips, bean burgers, spinach or mushroom omelet, stuffed tomatoes, cauliflower omelet and many others. Did you know that you can go vegan by being selective about the foods that you eat? Did you know that your diet could be completely different than it is now? The point I am trying to make here is that your diet does not have to be unhealthy. By choosing healthy foods in moderation you can be on your way to being completely healthy. Just imagine how much better you would feel when you no longer had to worry about the amount of pasta that you can eat, or if you could have some chocolate chip cookies instead of cake.

Bottom Line

Overall, it should be very easy to go gluten free. You won’t have to deal with eating foods that you don’t like nor do you have to go through the hassles of buying pre-packaged products. In fact, you will be able to find plenty of delicious recipes for vegan and gluten free pasta dishes online. Simply take a moment to look through the many resources available on the web, and you’ll be sure to find a great vegan pasta recipe that you love.

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