Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza

One of the most delicious foods we all love to munch on is pizza. The beauty is cannot be explained. You cannot deny that pizzas are true love. Unfortunately, most of us think that pizzas aren’t healthy. The truth is that pizzas are actually healthy. Even though the benefits are limited but there are benefits of eating Gluten Free pizza.

Not All Pizzas Are Equal

When we talk about pizzas, there are varieties of pizza available. It is often considered as fast food and paired with burgers, fries, etc. Fries are loaded with trans-fat and saturated fat. Both fats are harmful to any person. All these varieties of pizzas have some advantages and disadvantages too. For example, gluten free pizza variety is healthy for a lot of people. People who suffer from autoimmune disease enjoy this pizza.

It is true that processed foods are harmful to our health due to various reasons. One major reason is the high calorie and fat content present in processed foods. Moreover, processed foods contain a good amount of preservatives and chemicals. On the contrary, pizza is not processed food and is made fresh. The introduction of zero gluten in pizza has added a new variant to the list. There is a variety which includes hand-tossed pizza, thin-crust pizza, cheese burst pizza, etc. In addition to these, there are varieties of toppings, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza, etc.

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza
Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza

Nutrient Contents In Pizza

The pizza is made with a variety of ingredients. Among these ingredients, you’ll find both healthy and unhealthy elements. On one hand, where the wheat crust is healthy for normal people, the same is unhealthy for celiac disease patients. For the celiac patients and people suffering from autoimmune disease, there is the gluten free pizza. It is equally healthy and contains necessary nutrients except for gluten. As we all know gluten is a protein element which is harmful to gluten intolerant people.

Here is a list of nutrients which we often get in a regular pizza.

  1. Lycopene
  2. Fiber
  3. Chromium
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Riboflavin
  7. Vitamin A
  8. Potassium
  9. Vitamin B6
  10. Monounsaturated Fats
  11. Vitamin E
  12. Polyphenols
  13. Calcium
  14. Flavonoids
  15. Protein

All these nutrients help in controlling lots of diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, skin diseases, digestive conditions, etc. Further, gluten free pizza has the same nutrient contents. The only difference is that the pizza crust doesn’t contain the wheat protein, gluten.

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza
Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza And Salads

Pizza becomes healthier when they are served with salads. This, in turn, adds more vegetables to your mean and increases the nutrient content. Even if it is gluten free pizza, don’t worry about the nutrient content as the salad will balance it out. These salads can be fresh and pure veggies or you can add fruits as well. These are a couple of cold chicken salads which tastes yummy. It can be another salad option too. You can choose your preferred pizza depending on your taste and mood. A lot of restaurants serve gluten free pizza as well. It is a great option for dining and snacking.

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