How to Make Healthy Vegetarian Meals

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Meatless meals can be quite tricky if you have allergies, but with some simple tips you can easily whip up some easy gluten free vegetarian meals. Don t just jump into anything. Try a few things at a time and see which ones improve your digestion and give you less symptoms. You will find that if you avoid meat altogether you will have less headaches, joint pain, and other types of illness.

Easy Gluten Free Vegetarian Meals Are Available In Market

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First, there are lots of easy gluten free vegetarian meals on the market. Gluten free is becoming the normal diet for people with Celiac disease and diabetes, and switching to a healthier diet can improve your health in a number of ways. Here are a few suggestions of where to get some fresh foods that are free of gluten:

o Soy sauce. If you are short on soy sauce, substitute with another vegetable that is rich in soy sauce like tofu. The sauce adds texture and flavor. Tofu is also rich in vitamin E, iron, and other vitamins. Make sure you use all-natural soy sauce, not the cheaper soy sauce at the supermarket.

o Vegetables. If you are going to be eating meat, make sure you are eating raw vegetables. Cooked vegetables retain a lot of protein that your body needs. The phyto-nutrient content of the vegetables will help your body absorb more iron from the meat, providing you with the additional benefit of helping your liver to detoxify and cleansing itself of harmful chemicals.


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A great side dish is cooked rice pilaf with steamed vegetables or fruits. Make sure you use brown rice and avoid white rice.

Wheat berries

One of the sweetest desserts you can have is made with wheat berries. If you do not have wheat berries, try dried strawberries instead. They are even better because they have almost the same sweetness as sugar without the extra calories. Store bought fruit juices are okay in a pinch, but nothing beats the taste of freshly squeezed fruit.

Leftover Vegetables

 Delicately steamed vegetables make an excellent side dish when paired with pasta or other grains. When in doubt of finding the exact ingredient you need, sub in a little less than you think you need. You may also want to try making a delicious dessert by blending bananas, apples, or pineapple with some almond milk. It’s quick, easy, and delicious.

As long as you keep your pantry stocked with healthy, tasty, and nutrient-dense vegetables, you will be on your way to a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet. Even if you don’t like eating vegetables, you should try them out once in a while. Most people never get the chance. You can make it easy on yourself by experimenting with a few easy recipes every now and then. Your body will thank you. And so will your waistline!

Bottom Line 

o Easy gluten free vegetarian recipes need not be boring and bland. Many delicious meals can be made with vegetables and even fruits! By substituting meat and dairy products with vegetables and fruits, you can dramatically lower your intake of saturated fats and cholesterol. You’ll also drastically increase your intake of dietary fiber. You can find great vegetarian cooking tips and recipes online. As you begin eating healthier on a long term basis, you will notice a tremendous difference in your health, as well as your waistline.

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