Is Rice Gluten Free For Gluten Intolerant People?

Is Rice Healthy For Gluten Intolerant People?

To be completely honest, no, rice isn’t healthy for gluten intolerant people. The exposure to arsenic and other toxic elements is a health hazard. There are multiple sources of this exposure. The well water, mining contamination, seafood, and ore smelting are some sources. In addition to it, arsenic is also present in mineral water, beer and processed juice. The most terrifying fact among all of it is the presence of arsenic in rice. A report placed by Consumer Health shows that rice has the highest levels of toxicity. Under such circumstances, the question arises, is rice gluten free?

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Rice is not a gluten-free product, especially brown rice. Most of us often opt for various substitutes of rice. These are basically rice-based products which are bread, cereals, pasta, etc. You might escape from gluten but the arsenic content can be harmful to your health. A study on rice-based products suggests that it can cause severe damage to your health.

Is Rice Healthy For Gluten Intolerant People?
Is Rice Healthy For Gluten Intolerant People?

Effect On babies

  1. Normal babies – After the first six months of birth, doctors prescribe baby food. These food fed to babies are rice-based products. Babies who are lactose intolerant by birth depend a lot on these foods. On the contrary, some babies develop allergies and digestive issues due to these products. Often babies develop FPIES or food protein-induced enterocolitis which is a serious health condition.
  1. Gluten Intolerant babies – Babies born with gluten intolerance are weak by birth. As is it an autoimmune disease, the immunity system fails to safeguard the child from various health conditions. Restricting gluten intake also restricts the supply of other nutrients. As a result, the child suffers from malnutrition.

Symptoms Of Health Issues Caused By Rice

Rice causes gluten intolerance due to the presence of the protein element in it. Further, the presence of arsenic in rice is more dangerous. You need to be sure of the product you are consuming and its effect on your health. So, before you heavily depend on rice products, question yourself, is rice gluten free? Both arsenic and gluten can cause severe damage. The symptoms are:

  1. epileptic seizures
  2. heart damage
  3. severe diarrhea
  4. nausea
  5. abdominal pain
  6. skin rashes
Is Rice Healthy For Gluten Intolerant People?
Is Rice Healthy For Gluten Intolerant People?

Possible Solutions For Gluten-Free Rice Related Issues

There isn’t much to do when your body is gluten intolerant and consuming arsenic through rice products. The best way is to remove rice from your diet. Moreover, your child must restrict the consumption of rice and rice-based products. If the child is gluten intolerant or suffering from autoimmune disease, then rice is a big no. If you still wish to know is rice gluten free or not, you can search over the internet. You will get further information and studies based on the side effects of consuming rice-based products.

The above information is a precautionary warning for each and every person. It is not mandatory that you or anyone from your family is gluten intolerant. Very few cases have been treated for autoimmune diseases which makes it a rare condition.

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